How to order or download this book

1.Reluctant Rescuers is offered for sale as a handsomely edited and professionally printed paperback book direct from the author on this website, using Paypal, at a price of $24.95, including packing and postage. Click on PayPal icon below to purchase. Note that you will need to set up a Paypal account yourself, in order to process your purchase of the book – just follow the instructions on the website link. The system works, I have checked it.


2. This book can be downloaded page by page, or as a complete e-text,  by clicking on the book cover.

You could read or download Reluctant Rescuers for nothing this way! And no doubt a few people will. But I have chosen to set up an honour system, relying on most people’s honesty, for reading or downloading this e- book . Donations are requested from people using this system . Please select from the following possible donations, of $10 or $20 or $30 as you choose, to be made via Paypal.


3. The print book may simply be purchased after 25 June from participating independent bookshops in major cities. So far, Paperchain in Canberra and Readings in Carlton, Melbourne.

So far, Paperchain in Canberra, Readings and Readers Feast and Collins Booksellers Chirnside Park in Melbourne, Gleebooks in Glebe in Sydney, and Planet Books in Mt Lawley in Perth, are stocking the book    

Bookshops interested in stocking the book please contact .. Usual terms of sale, display posters available